...for Campus Departments

Planning Your Departmental Event

There are usually two steps to hosting an event on the NNU campus:
1) Secure the needed space on campus.
2) Secure support services and equipment.

To request space, please make a space reservation in Astra Schedule. You should receive notification that your request was received in Astra by e-mail.  If you do not receive any notifications please call us at 467-8790 or events@nnu.edu.

If your request is approved, you will receive a notification e-mail within 48 hours. If any adjustments are required to find an appropriate space or time for your event, you will receive an e-mail to that effect. Please remember that space on campus fills quickly, and your first choice may not be available if booked too close in, or if you are requesting an event during peak reservation times.

To request tables, chairs, or other production services, please fill out and submit the following form:
Production Services Request Form

​Production Services Request Form Services need to be requested at least two weeks before the event occurs. Some services or equipment may not be available if the request is made after this time. Table and chair deliveries that are still possible with available staff will be subject to service charges if they are not secured two weeks or more in advance. Otherwise, departments may opt to handle their own delivery/return of inventory for no charge.

If you need assistance, please contact us at 467-8790 or events@nnu.edu.