Logging in to Astra

Your Astra username and password are the same as your University network credentials you use to login to the NNU network every morning.  When you change your university password, Astra picks up the change from Active Directory.  In some cases, it may take up to an hour for Astra to pick up the change.

When you're successfully logged in your username should appear at the very upper right corner of the Astra window. If you instead see "guest," your login failed, you won't have full access to the system, and you may not be able to request events like you normally do.

If you're having problems logging in, check the following things, in this order:

1.) Double-check you're entering your username correctly.  Also check your caps lock key.

2.) Open Notepad and type your password in it to make sure you don't have any "dead" keys on your keyboard.

3.) Close all open windows of the browser you use for Astra, open it up, and try again.

4.) Wait 30 minutes (or go to lunch), and try again.

5.) If none of this works, email, and we'll reset the account as soon as we can.